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Sweet bread

Sweet bread

Melt the yeast in warm milk and add flour until the mayo comes out like a sour cream, leave the composition to rise. Boil the milk together with the sugar, while the milk boils sift the flour.

Over the sifted flour (1kg) I add 500 ml of boiling milk and mix with a spoon, then I add the butter from the fridge and I mix the composition by hand, after the butter is fully integrated in the composition;) I add a yolk. In the resulting composition, add the mayonnaise and knead the composition for 1 hour until it comes off the hand and makes "basics" during kneading, adding a teaspoon of oil on the edge of the bowl in which the kneaded shell. the composition is left to rise for 3 hours covered with a towel in the heat;).

From the remaining milk 500ml I make chocolate cream with which I will fill the cake. I put the milk on low heat in which I add the cocoa, which I previously mixed in a bowl with 5 tablespoons of milk, for 5 minutes I mix continuously in the composition, then I add finely chopped walnuts (I crushed with the walnut twister) over this cream I added 3 tablespoons of flour.

I divide the composition into 6 equal parts. For a cake you need 2 parts of the 6 :), which you spread with your hand on their surface spread a layer of chocolate cream. I roll each part, then I weave them and put the cake pieces that I previously lined with baking paper.

The cake is put in the oven, which was heated on stage 4 for 40 minutes (during this time I checked it with a straw)

From this composition come 3 cozonac;) which I made in the shape of 25 cm.

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